Our interests

Online behavioural assays

We work with researchers and clinicians to design secure open-source behavioural experiments. We combine different programming languages (HTML5, Javascript, Python) to offer open-source solutions meeting the standards of modern science.

Voice analysis

Recent studies have shown that voice contains highly relevant information to detect neurological or respiratory diseases. At Robust Circuit, we are very interested in vocalizations analysis in the context of neurological disorders.


On the longer term, we plan to develop compact wearable devices to monitoring multiple biomarkers and behaviors in the context of neurological disorders.

We also support your projects

Designing, programming & hosting cognitive tasks

Cognitive phenotyping applications on the web

Complex analysis of multimodal data

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Our Cognitive Tasks

RobustCircuit's Cognitive Battery
(still growing!)

Click on any task to see a quick demo

We are working on making all task accessible in multiple languages and on mobile devices. For now, depending on the project they were coded for, they might be in French or English. We will soon publish a tutorial and some documentation allowing any researcher to use them in the browser and save the data locally.


Job Opportunity

We are recruiting

We are looking for a Junior partner to help us building next generation of cognitive phenotyping apps on the web, and more..

Background in engineering, cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology or game design.

Some programming experience (Python, Julia, Javascript, C#, etc.)

Interested in web technologies

You want to make a difference in digital heathcare

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Extended team

Our institutional network

Our main collaborators

Roshan Cools, PhD
Donders Institute
(Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

Rick Helmich, MD/PhD
Donders Institute
(Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

Alan Dagher, MD/PhD
McGill University
(Montreal, Canada)

Stephane Lehericy, MD/PhD
Paris Brain Institute
(Paris, France)

Anat Mirelman, PhD
Sackler School of Medicine
(Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Simon Lewis, PhD
University of Sidney
(Sidney, Australia)