Word of the founders

RobustCircuit is a young company founded in 2021 by Daniela Domingues (Paris Brain Institute, France) and Romain Ligneul (Center for Neuroscience Research of Lyon, France).
We develop online behavioral and cognitive tests for academic teams and research consortia across the globe, with a strong emphasis on the design of custom solutions. In other words, we design, program and host cognitive tasks on dedicated servers or in the cloud, alongside flexible database management. Being neuroscientists ourselves, we can also help with analyses and statistics.
In the near future, we plan to develop more demanding applications and products using dedicated hardware and integrating cognitive testing with machine-learning and AI tools (online or offline).

Our current projects are dedicated to the monitorization of behavioral impairments and symptoms in neurological and psychiatric disorders. Through our participation in the EU funded CONTROL-PD consortium, we contribute to a better understanding of Parkinson’s Disease etiology, the second most common neurodegenerative disease in the world. We are particularly interested in the detection of prodromal and early stage cognitive symptoms in this pathology using a mixture of cognitive tests, locomotor assays and voice analysis. In parallel, we work on major depression and on the predictors of antidepressant treatment response.

If you have any question about RobustCircuit, please contact us at: info@robustcircuit.pt


Romain Ligneul
Neuroscience & Research
Daniela Domingues
Bioengineering & Development

Daniela Domingues

Daniela works on the neural circuits mediating the effects of psychedelics on cognitive flexibility in the lab of Éric Burguière, at the Paris Brain Institute, in France. Previously, she has investigated the impact of old and new D1R and D2R compounds, including anti-Parkinson drugs, on time-resolved activities of the basal ganglia, in a collaboration between the Champalimaud Foundation and the pharmaceutical company Roche Global. She is the President of Pint of Science Portugal, a non-profit organization which aims to bring science from the lab to the general population.

Romain Ligneul

Romain is a tenured researcher (CRCN) working with human and rodents models at the Center for Neuroscience Research of Lyon. After spending nearly 10 years in cognitive neuroscience (using fMRI, EEG and other non-invasive methods to interrogate the human brain), he started to use system neuroscience methods (optogenetics, calcium imaging, etc.) to study rodent brains in the lab of Zach Mainen (Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal), with a particular emphasis on the serotonin system and its contribution to meta-learning mechanisms allowing the nervous system to track second-order statistical features of its environment, such as controllability, uncertainty, reward rates, etc.